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Being on the water on a daily basis for several years resulted in tired feet at the end of each day and wearing through many pairs of deck boots.  In 2019 Captain Jimmy set out to solve this issue by engineering a new product that ​was comfortable for all day wear and could be worn by aggressive anglers like him.  After many months of perfecting the design, Everglades Fishing Co launched the EFC Deck Boot in February of 2020.  Now Everglades Fishing Co produces a full line of fishing apparel and accessories which are available at our retail location, online and other retail shops around the state of Florida.




Capt. Jimmy Wheeler


Everglades Fishing Co was founded by Captain Jimmy Wheeler, a 4th generation Everglades Native. Captain Jimmy grew up navigating and fishing the plentiful waters of the 10,000 islands.  In 2017 he became a Charter Captain and quickly gained the respect in the fishing industry as one of the best fisherman around.

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